Thursday, July 7, 2011

Much-needed story

The intention is that the overall visual impression is made as a story that is not an already presented story. The story is somewhere within the system, in the aesthetics of the painting. The picture does not tell the story.
Establishing contact with pictures and stories we
cause the recognition of "now" and the "before". Though being unaware of it all, we feel that by accepting the present time we are letting go of the past. Each time recognizing the present, in some way we have accepted and forgiven the past. We know the past, we appreciate it, thank her and she has pervaded us with its meaning, however, we do not live in it anymore.To read a story about each picture requires knowledge that the story does not end satisfactorily, indeed there are many stories who do not fulfill their function. At the same time they fulfill it perfectly.  

  Would you first look at a picture or hear a story? If a person has at first viewed the image/picture/painting, he/she will create a story, of their own interpretation. After hearing the "other" story they will compare their and our story. It is possible the outcome will be found as a conflict in which we are both wrong and right. Primarily it is a question of knowledge itself and also the fact that there is no right and wrong. These are just ordinary concepts. With this process we have created a rivalry unless we manage to persuade one another to convert. In his case it is either the destruction of what the first impression has created, and therefore my discouragement  from his/hers vision and image, of his vision meaning. It can also be acceptance of "mischief" if I successfully persuade. In my case it is denial, which can be either liberating or wrapped in anger and rejection. In the best case, we would recognize one another through a similar vision of meaning and look forward to it, and the second best is allowing  each others different perception. My favorite case is just the best feeling that there is a connection and it is best not to divulge it.
In times of conflict, the story becomes an inseparable part of the picture. Especially because we have mastered the fundamental barrier to access in communication with another human being. We have conquered fear. In approaching it, we have access to ourselves through his eyes. We clashed with his values, background and we were looking for love. This is not a quest or desire for justification of our own lives, It is a definition of consciousness and the joy of being alive. This is the process of disillusionment and identification with reality. Recognition that at this moment exists one time, we exist in this time. We are here of our choice. It is the relationship between me, the pictures, him and our stories. 

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